5 signs of true love

August 15, 2017 Marketing Owner 0

Is he really the same? Can we be together for life? In serious relationships, each of us sooner or later asks such questions. How can we recognize true love? What is love? A feeling that gives absolute happiness? Or an experience that plunges into emotional chaos? Neither one nor the other. Even mutual love does not give a sense of Read More

Why Insects Should Be in Your Diet

August 9, 2017 Marketing Owner 0

If you think that locusts are eaten only in some countries of Africa and the Middle East, then you are deeply mistaken. In fact, we regularly consume insect dishes, and we are with you. And it’s very useful. For several decades, chitin and its derivatives have been added to food, medicine, cosmetics and even to bandages and surgical threads (suture Read More

How the brain prevents you from revealing your potential

How the brain prevents you from revealing your potential

August 2, 2017 owner 0

Often before bedtime, we are thinking about the scenario of an ideal life. But in the morning everything goes on drastically, and we do not even try to change anything. And all because our own brain is resisting. What is the resistance Resistance of the brain does not allow us to become better and achieve higher goals. So you need Read More