Hair Loss: Losing Your Crowning Glory

They say that the hair is your crowning glory but what if one of these days, it will all start to fall out? Eventually, all of the hair strands will be gone and you could go bald!
Losing the hair on your scalp could be one of the greatest and scariest nightmares one could ever have.

However, even if this is a common phobia among many, no one really knows what can cause this. For most, this condition can be genetic since it can be observed that when the father of the family is bald, his male child or children will also eventually go bald.

Therefore, if your father becomes bald or his hair thins out slowly, you should prepare yourself and expect you would go bald too!

What is alopecia?

Alopecia is the medical term that is being used to describe baldness. For the acute type, this could usually present as excessive hair loss in a day that would result to thinning of the hair and eventually baldness.

For the chronic type, it can present as thinning of the hairline for a longer duration. In chronic type, baldness usually results after many years.

According to experts, losing hair of about 100 to 150 hair strands per day is still normal. But once one would lose hair strands beyond this number, he or she should start to worry of losing hair in the near future.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Losing hair does not usually result from systemic illness or any underlying disease. Hair loss is a common occurrence among adults which suggests that this condition is highly correlated with one’s age.

In some cases, this condition is also genetic (it was already mentioned above) and it usually affects the male population. But even if it is not common to see a woman losing hair, it is also possible but generally, it is a sex-linked genetic condition that affects predisposed men worldwide.

Aside from these reasons, hair loss can also be caused by temporary stress. If you are a student and would sometimes experience excessive hair loss while preparing for an exam, it can be easily concluded that your hair loss is due to stress.

Nutritional deficiency could also be a reason behind hair loss. Other hormonal changes such as puberty and pregnancy could cause losing of hair among the affected individuals.

But it is good to note that these kinds of causes are only temporary and can disappear once the body retains backs its homeostasis.

Can hair loss be prevented?

If you are genetically predisposed to it, sad to say that you have a higher chances of losing your hair in the near future. So you better be prepared for that. But for temporary causes, preventing hair loss can be easily alleviated by simply avoiding oneself to feel stress.

With these, it is important to note that once our body is stressed out, it could do more harm than good and hair loss is one of the consequences. But do not be afraid, this could only be a temporary condition.

But if genetics had already determined your fate, there’s no more turning back and you really have to face the truth.

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