Panch Tulsi (Holy Basil) drops for Fighting All Ailments

Tulsi is a herb it can be easily found in every Indian household and holds religious value for many people in India. The plant is extremely rich in nutrients and is therefore known as the best medicinal plant. The botanical name of Tulsi is Ocimum sanctum, Linn. , Ocimum tenuiflorum. Tulsi plant is a cure for many ailments from normal cold and cough to fighting the side effects of radiotherapy the plant can heal it all. Five Different varieties of Tulsi are available these are as follows: Shukla Tulsi is of the white variety, the Krishna Tulsi is of Black variety, Drudriha, Babi, and Tukshmiya. Punch Tulsi Drops is the mixture of all these different varieties and are easily available online.

Benefits of Tulsi Plant

Tulsi can benefit the human beings in many ways and its medicinal properties can fight numerous diseases. The Panch Tulsi Drops have the same medicinal value as the plant, it is easy to consume and can give long lasting relief to the body from various ailments. It can fight allergies and is also the cure for diseases like cancer. It causes no side effect and can be consumed by the people of all age groups without any apprehensions. There are endless benefits of these drops, you can consume it simply by mixing few drops in the water and see the difference in your health.

How Many Drops To Consume

The Punch Tulsi drop is to be consumed in small quantity. The Tulsi drops not just cure diseases but also strengthen the immunity of a person. The number of drops of this concentrated liquid varies according to the quantity of water taken:

  • For 1 liter of water, simply add five to six drops of liquid.
  • You can add it directly to the RO purifier, around 20 drops of the liquid can be added in the purifier with the capacity of 8 liters.

The Benefits of the Panch Tulsi Drops

The Punch Tulsi benefits the body in many different ways:

  • It enhances the memory power of a person.
  • Punch Tulsi is very beneficial for the treatment of a respiratory disorder.
  • It works as a preventive medicine for the fever like malaria and dengue.
  • Punch Tulsi is also a natural cough syrup; it gives relief to a sore throat and removes the accumulated mucus.
  • These drops are an ultimate medicine for the diabetic patients as it controls the blood sugar level.
  • It helps to handle stress, Tulsi tea is often consumed by the people to relief stress and fight depression.

You can order for the Panch Tulsi Drops online and get it delivered right at your doorstep, it is available for sale on different shopping portals. Someone who is interested in reading about the punch tulsi drops benefits in Hindi. They can go on the websites and get all related details. Everything from the usage, benefits, and availability of these drops is given on the website.

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