Treatment and Prevention of Rosacea

Skin conditions are one of the things that most of the members of the population are ashamed to have. This is probably because when one has a problem with his/her skin, it is easily visible and noticeable by others.

Therefore, when one has a skin problem, most especially with the face, they would easily go to a Dermatologist for consult and treatment of their skin disease.

One type of skin condition is Rosacea. This is a chronic skin disease which manifests as semi- or permanent redness of the skin, most especially the face. It is usually common in the adult population.

According to those who had Rosacea, they have claimed that it greatly affected their social skills because of its high visibility to the other members of the population.

This skin disease has four different subtypes which have its own different presentation. The bad news is, this skin condition is, as what was said, chronic which means that it lasts and persists for a long time. However, the good news is that this can be prevented, if not, treated.

How does Rosacea happen?
We all know that all over our body, especially the skin, we have the blood vessels called the capillaries. In Rosacea, what happens here is that blood rushes immediately and stays for a longer time in these capillaries.

Since these capillaries are found almost superficial near the skin surface, redness develops (because blood is red).

What causes Rosacea?
Many experts do not really know what the main underlying cause of Rosacea is. They mentioned that it is not caused by a bacteria or virus so they have theorized that it may be due to an irritation or a skin allergy.

They have also noticed that this type of skin disease runs in family’s thus suggesting genetics as one of its causative factors.

For the doctors, it is not difficult to diagnose rosacea because of its unique clinical manifestations. It is also a common disease thus they have already met a lot of patients presenting with this type of skin condition.

How can this be treated?
Since the underlying cause of rosacea is not yet known, doctors can only treat the manifestations of rosacea but they cannot actually cure it. Antibiotics can be given if acne is starting to develop.

The redness due to the surge of blood into the blood vessels can also be treated by using laser treatment to reduce its size. For the nose bumps, this can be treated by surgery. If the eyes are affected, eye drops can be given to reduce the redness of the eyes.

How can this be prevented?
Once one experiences the existence of bothersome symptoms, he/she must immediately consult a dermatologist so that its development can be prevented.

It is also important that oneng must find his/her triggers to the disease so that he/she himself/herself can control it and prevent the disease from comi back.

The bottom line here is that Rosacea can be treated and prevented. As long as one goes to a certified Dermatologist and ask him for a rosacea treatment, this disease can be easily treated for further complications and one can back to his/her normal lifestyle again.

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