How the brain prevents you from revealing your potential

Often before bedtime, we are thinking about the scenario of an ideal life. But in the morning everything goes on drastically, and we do not even try to change anything. And all because our own brain is resisting.

Resistance of the brain

What is the resistance

Resistance of the brain does not allow us to become better and achieve higher goals. So you need to understand how to calm him down and not be influenced.

Resistance works against you if:

  • You are constantly putting off work on what is really important to you;
  • You criticize yourself too much;
  • You have a constant feeling that you do not work well enough;
  • You always find excuses to not do something.

Resistance is the voice that advises to be cautious, take the time, and find a compromise. It’s a voice that whispers that you will not succeed, that people will only laugh and point a finger if you decide to try yourself in something new. The resilient brain will do anything to stop you from revealing potential.

The brain will falsify facts, threaten, seduce and convince you to surrender and not leave the comfort zone.

The writer Steven Pressfield believes that resistance is, in fact, sabotage to oneself. In the book “War for the creative. How to overcome internal barriers and begin to create, “he notes that the more resistance we experience, the more important for us is some unrealized project and the more satisfaction we will feel when we finally realize it.

“The resistance takes the form of fear, and the level of fear corresponds to the strength of the Resistance,” explains Pressfield. – Therefore, the stronger we are afraid of some kind of undertaking, the more important it is for us and for our spiritual development. If it meant nothing to us, there would not be any Resistance. ”

If you just let things happen instead of making choices and creating something, it’s time to change your approach to life.

Start fighting right now

You can learn not to react to the traps of a resisting brain and go up in spite of everything. How to do it?

  • To begin with, stop trying to be perfect in everything.
  • Break your project or goal into a large number of steps and sub-points.
  • Move in small steps. Do your job at least 20 minutes a day. The main thing is not to stop.

Move in small steps

Do not be discouraged if something does not work out. Try again and again. This is the only way to achieve success.

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