How to Train Your Brain and Improve Memory

How to Train Your Brain and Improve Memory

Today, the number and variety of tools for the development of memory and cognitive skills in general are impressive. Open online courses, a variety of educational programs and resources to help train memory, the ability to do calculations quickly, or just learn new information. We talk about ways to help train the brain and improve memory.

About applications and programs for brain training

Whether such applications help to stimulate mental activity, scientists can not yet say for sure. In one systematic review, it was stated that most of these programs have not proven effective in improving the cognitive skills we use in our daily lives.

Instead, it has been proven that such games help to stimulate only those skills that are needed to perform tasks during the game. One study, which involved about 12,000 participants, compared three groups of people. The first two were trained using brain supplements. The task of the third (control group) was to search and analyze information on the network and answer complex questions. After 6 weeks, the representatives of the first two groups achieved the best results when performing the proposed exercises. But they did not make any progress compared to the control group when they had to perform several general tests for the development of memory and thinking.

The fact that such games are not particularly effective for the brain does not mean that they are harmful. However, when we talk about time and benefits – it is better to choose another activity to train the brain from which you can really get results.

Here are some tips on how you can effectively train your brain:

Get out of your comfort zone

Performing monotonous tasks does not improve brain function. The best option is to arrange a brain challenge and choose a new unusual activity. Learning a foreign language or mastering a musical instrument is perfect for this.

Travel and look for new ways

Exploring a new area is always a good tool to activate the brain. If it’s another country, we have to completely switch and perform unusual tasks in the new area – from finding a way home to shopping in the store. You can do a similar task at home, for example, every time you change the way to work or walk the streets at random. This activity affects the hippocampus in the brain, its places of learning and memory.


Constant communication is an active mental activity, including concentration and memory stimulation, which improves cognitive functions. Communicating with different people helps strengthen neural networks and slows their weakening as they age. Also, it enhances the so-called cognitive reserve of the brain (our capabilities), and thus prevents dementia.

Read and play chess

These are simple and familiar things, but we often forget what benefits they bring. And to complicate the task – try, for example, to read a new book in a foreign language, and then discuss it with friends

Remember, our brains need to train just as much as our bodies do. And the older we get, the more important it is to follow the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, physical activity, and adequate sleep will help keep your brain and body in shape.

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