Why Manage Your Rosacea Symptoms

If you have been diagnosed with rosacea after suspecting that you had acne, it is important for you to have your symptoms managed by taking your oral antibiotics and applying your topical ointment. If you don’t, you will end up looking like a walking pimple with a face.

Acne versus Rosacea
It is common for some people to think that red bumps on a person’s face are acne. However, the truth of the matter is that acne and rosacea are not the same. To begin with, acne is most common to teenagers.

Rosacea, on the other hand, is prevalent to people who are between 30 and 50 years old, especially of Caucasian race. Secondly, the red bumps of people with acne are filled with pus while rosacea bumps don’t have.

Hence, they cannot be extracted. Furthermore, rosacea has other symptoms that acne doesn’t have.

Red Veins
Apart from the red bumps, one of the most common symptoms rosacea is the flushing of the skin due to the visibility of the blood vessels. This flushing is not only common in the cheek area; it can affect the nose and the eyes, too. Hence, if you have rosacea, it is important that you deal with its symptoms because it can really irritate your eyes.

What Causes Rosacea?
The sad thing is that the real cause of rosacea is still unknown despite the advancements in the medical field. Although there are some researches that point to the real cause of rosacea, they are really not that conclusive.

owever, it has been discovered that people who have rosacea has low gastric acid. Hence, they cannot easily digest the food that they eat. As a result, the toxins of the undigested food are pushed out of the skin in the form of the red bumps.

On the other hand, there is also a theory that rosacea is caused by a type of termite that inhabits the skin. According to a research, people who have rosacea have high levels of this skin termite.

Nonetheless, it is not certain whether the high levels of this skin termite on the skin are a result or the cause of rosacea.

How to Manage Your Rosacea Symptoms
Because it is said that the primary cause of rosacea symptoms is the dilation of the blood vessels of the skin that no longer constricts, it is important for people who have rosacea to avoid foods or activities that can aggravate the dilation of the vessels.

Avoid fatty and spicy foods. Likewise, you need to stay away from exercising or other strenuous activities as they can dilate the blood vessels, too. You also need to avoid hot liquids.

Treatment of Rosacea Symptoms
Apart from staying away from activities, foods, and drinks that can aggravate rosacea symptoms, it is also important for you to take your medication so that you can have your rosacea symptoms managed.

The combined use of oral antibiotics and topical ointments is the best way to deal with the symptoms.

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