What To Do If You’re Bitten By A Dog

What To Do If You'Re Bitten By A Dog

The dog’s behavior is difficult to predict: a pet dog can bite accidentally during a game or defending itself. Observe the precautionary rules and do not provoke the dog, especially the stranger.

The more dangerous the dog’s bite

Appearance of the bite:

Stab wounds – damage to the upper layer of the epidermis without tissue rupture;

Lacerations – a strong bite, rupture of connective and soft tissues and muscles. It is necessary to impose seams.

The main danger after a dog’s bite is a rabies infection. The virus enters the human body through a damaged area. Without treatment, rabies causes a failure of the respiratory system.

After a dog’s bite, an infection can enter the body that affects the human nervous system – tetanus. It is accompanied by cramps.

In addition to tetanus and rabies, a dog’s bite can cause:

  • profuse hemorrhage – with a lacerated wound;
  • blood poisoning;
  • rotting of the wound;
  • infections transmitted with canine saliva (E. coli);
  • psychological trauma.

“Dangerous” symptoms after a dog bite

  • heat;
  • chills;
  • increased lymph nodes;
  • vomiting;
  • dizziness;
  • painful spasms;
  • hemorrhage;
  • muscular breaking.

Symptoms indicate infection with an infection. The most common infection is rabies.

Symptoms of rabies:

  • convulsions and aggression;
  • fear of light, water and open space;
  • copious salivation;
  • hallucinations.

After biting a person with a dog, if symptoms appear, call an ambulance immediately or contact a herb.

First aid after a dog bite

Providing first aid with dog bites reduces the possibility of developing complications for the victim.

What to do after a dog bite:

  1. Immediately flush the wound with soap and water. The alkali contained in the soap disinfects the bite from bacteria and dirt.
  2. Carefully treat the dog’s bite with an antiseptic: iodin, peroxide of hydrogen.
  3. Apply a sterile bandage.
  4. If necessary, take pain medication and sedatives.
  5. Do not load the affected limb. A strong dog bite can damage the bone.
  6. After first aid after a dog bite, consult a doctor.

Treat a dog bite is recommended in the hospital. The doctor will take tests, if necessary – apply seams. If you are not sure that the dog is healthy, tell your doctor about a possible infection with rabies.

Proper treatment of a dog bite involves taking antibiotics. If you are allergic to penicillin, be sure to tell your doctor.

Do I need to get vaccinated?

Remember: a healthy dog ​​is a tested dog in a veterinary clinic. In other cases, it is impossible to be sure.

When you go to the hospital you will be offered to take a shot from rabies. There is no contraindication to vaccination from a dog bite. Stings from a bite of a dog do even to the pregnant women.

The vaccine contains immunoglobulin and excipients. The injection is injected into the place of the bite and into the shoulder: only six injections are done. On the day of treatment, the first injection is made, and the other appoints the doctor.

Even after a bite, the dogs are given an injection of tetanus. If the dog was vaccinated against rabies, then a tetanus shot and a course of antibiotics will be the best treatment for a bite.

The injections from rabies and tetanus are done within eight hours after the dog’s bite.

Wounds after a dog’s bite are treated with an antiseptic in case of bandaging.
Treatment of a dog bite under the supervision of a doctor will help to avoid complications for health.

Remember the precautionary measures:

  • Do not provoke a dog.
  • Do not tease her while eating.
  • Do not take away the puppies. The dog will protect them and throw themselves at you.
  • Do not meddle with a dog that shows aggression.
    When walking with children, do not let them come into contact with dogs. A dog can not only bite a child, but also frighten a loud bark.

Be careful and respect in dealing with dogs. Then this pet will become the best friend and protector.

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