7 Reasons You no Longer Have Healthy, Shiny Hair

7 Reasons You no Longer Have Healthy, Shiny HairDo you dream of healthy shiny hair? To become the owner of shiny hair is easier than you thought! What factors take the strength and shine of the strands and what to do to restore their former beauty?

Factor 1: Sunlight

According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the planet paints hair and only one man out of ten does the same. In the sun, strands, as a rule, burn out, so the hair color dims. But they face a loss of brilliance even those who have never dyed their hair!

How to fix it?
Use the hair conditioner after each head wash. In addition to this, treat the hair with a spray for sun protection or styling with SPF. Choose those that contain natural oils, vegetable extracts, proteins and vitamins, silicones. They provide long-term protection and restore even severely damaged strands.

Factor 2: Hot styling

Ironically, drying hair with a hair dryer and styling with thermal appliances gives the hair a beautiful shine and volume, but in the long run lead to a dull hair. Daily overheating contributes to the destruction of the structure of the hair and the appearance of new hairs, much thinner than was intended by nature. On the parting line, the hair grows very thin and dull.

How to fix?
Minimize the number of hot packs to 2-3 per week. Before using thermal instruments, apply strands of protection with keratin and silk proteins. 3-4 times a week pamper your hair with nutrient masks – they fill the locks with moisture and make them denser, which makes them easier to pack, by the way.

Factor 3: Dry Shampoo

Every day, 56% of men and only 30% of women wash their hair – statistics show. This scourge is possible because the fair sex people use dry shampoo. This little beauty assistant comes to the rescue when they do not have time to wash the head or styling during the day “opal” and it needs to add volume.
Quality tools clean and texturize strands, add volume to the roots and visually improve the appearance of the hair. However, when used frequently, they can clog the pores of the scalp (the risk increases if you use them for several days in a row), provoke the appearance of irritation and inflammation, which in turn leads to a loss of shine of the hair.

How to fix?
Use dry shampoo only in exceptional cases, taking into account that this is a SOS tool, not for daily use. Nunzio Saviano, a hair stylist, says that the use of dry shampoo, in contrast to the traditional washing of the head, does not fill the hair with moisture, because of which dullness appears. After using dry shampoo, ringlets should be washed as early as possible, then moistened with a cosmetic mist or indelible hair balm.

Factor 4: Sunglasses

The first “sunglasses” invented by the inhabitants of the Far Server, to protect the eyes from the brightness of the snowy plains in clear weather. They little then resembled today’s accessory – it was thin plates of wood with narrow slots for the eyes. Modern glasses are stylish and light. Perhaps that’s why neither women nor men part with them. Many of them, in addition to the direct purpose of the accessory, wear eyeglasses on the head, which leads to … loss of hair shine.

How to fix?
Glasses exert excessive pressure on the hair follicles, which, respectively, can cause loss of shine and hair loss. In addition, during the movement of the accessory often slips, which forces their owner to constantly return it to its place, quite often accidentally snatching and tearing out individual hairs. The only way out is to abandon the idea of ​​wearing glasses on the head and use them only to protect the eyes from the sun.

Factor 5: Hair color

If you dye your hair once every 4-6 weeks, you do not have to worry – when using quality compounds, the curls will not fade. But if you change color as often as High Fashion trends change, the appearance of dullness and loss of hair health is more a regularity than an unexpected ending.

How to fix?
Often dyed hair by definition damaged. So, they need to be treated accordingly. Use daily masks or cosmetic oils for hair – many of them are applied to the hair immediately before styling, giving them a beautiful glossy luster. As part of beauty products for hair, look for keratin, because hair is 97% protein structure. And avoid cosmetic products containing alcohol! According to colorist Sharon Dorram, such remedies are too “harsh” for the hair, so only intensify the dimness.

Factor 6: Fashionable hairstyles
High pony tail, tight weaves and tufts on the vertex – among the current fashion trends are many that damage the hair. In particular, if poor quality hair accessories are used – hairpins and clamps scratching the scalp, elastic bands and hair clips that pinch strands. All of them have a destructive effect on the hair follicles and contribute to the wilting of the hair.

How to fix?
Choose accessories that will take care of your hair! At the first opportunity, spread out curls or collect them in a non-coherent spit or bundle. Than in a more relaxed state are the locks, the better the follicles are supplied with oxygen and nutrients, hence, the hair receives a sufficient stimulus for growth and a beautiful appearance.

Factor 7: Diet
Even if your food is positioned as healthy, for example, a vegetarian diet, as opposed to fast food and sweet soda, your hair may look worse every day. The reason is a deficiency of nutrients, without which the health and brilliance of the strands is impossible.

How to fix?
Hair is, first of all, a protein. So, enter into your diet more proteins – dairy products, poultry, fish and meat, legumes and mushrooms. The same goes for unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3. They are necessary for the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, which produce secret, moisturizing the scalp and hair, protecting them from the negative impact of the environment.  More often add nuts, seeds and seeds to your dishes and you get a maximum of healthy substances and beautiful shiny hair.

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