Nutrition for Healthy Eyes

Nutrition for Healthy EyesPicture Credit: monika1607

Sometimes the lack of certain nutrients for the eyes can lead to certain problems with vision. Inclusion of food products containing essential components for eye health will improve the functions of the visual analyzer.

First food: green peas

green peas

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In green peas there is a large amount of lutein pigment, which is responsible for visual acuity and color recognition. The body receives lutein from certain foods, which then accumulates in the retina of the eye. And the denser the layer of lutein, the better the color perception and vigilance.

A hundred grams of green peas contain about one and a half milligrams of lutein. In this case, the daily requirement of the body in lutein is about two milligrams. Green peas can be added as an ingredient in the various dishes: salads, soups, as a side dish to second courses, etc. It is enough to include a hundred and fifty grams of green peas per week in food. Since lutein is a fat-soluble substance, it is necessary to add a small amount of vegetable fat to the dishes.

Second product: onion

Onions contain a lot of quercetin, as well as ascorbic acid, beta-carotene and other vitamins and trace elements. Quercetin increases the permeability of eye tissues to beneficial substances, which improves the nutrition of the eyeball and helps the body to recover more quickly after hard work.

It is recommended to add a bulb onion of medium size to daily nutrition. It can be used in any form and includes the composition of various dishes. Even after heat treatment, useful substances remain in it.

Third food: fish


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To improve the circulation of tissue fluids in the eyeball, as well as in all surrounding shells, it is useful to regularly eat fatty varieties of sea fish.

In oily fish contains a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-three (PUFA), which improve microcirculatory processes in the body, including in the eyeball. Fish can be consumed, both in a boiled form, and slightly salted. Enough to include in the diet at least one hundred and fifty grams of fatty fish several times a week.

Fourth product: nuts

Collagen fibers support the lens in its normal state. And vitamin E provides protection of elastic collagen fibers. Enriched with vitamin E nuts and some other foods. To make up the stock of tocopherol enough to eat every day a handful of nuts (twenty to thirty grams).

The fifth product against niktalopiya: eggs


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Some people begin to see worse at the time of day. This condition can be as innate (inherited from parents to children), and acquired, it often arises from the lack of necessary substances for the eyes.

To avoid the appearance of night blindness and to see normally in twilight, eyes need an element such as zinc, as well as vitamin A. In the yolk of chicken eggs, there are two of these components. The egg protein promotes normal absorption in the body of these elements. You can eat one egg every day or a couple of eggs every two days. And it is desirable to eat soft-boiled eggs or to cook an omelette.

Are the eyes tired?

As is known, every day the human eye is exposed to various negative factors. Especially the load on the visual apparatus has increased in our time. Accumulating with every day the fatigue of the eyes can lead to certain problems with vision and eye diseases. Determine if the eyes are tired, the next test of five questions will help.

Test for eye strain

Test for eye strain


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  1. Do you have after appearing after reading or working at the computer, flies in your eyes, dark spots?
  2. Are you suffering from headaches after a long reading or working at a computer?
  3. Do you feel heaviness in the ages after reading or working at a computer?
    Are you irritable after working with small parts, reading or using a computer?
  4. Do you lose your appetite after reading or working at a computer?

If you give a negative answer to all the questions, this indicates that the risk of any problems associated with eye strain is minimized.

A positive answer to one, two or three questions indicates some problems. Timely assistance to the eyes will help restore vision back to normal.

Those who regularly have four or all five of the above symptoms are likely to have serious problems and need to seek help from an ophthalmologist.

Exercises for prevention

To remove the eye fatigue that has appeared for a day, you can do special exercises. Performing gymnastics takes a total of ten to fifteen minutes a day and will help not only to eliminate fatigue in the eyes, but also to prevent against this background the fall of vision. It is recommended to do such exercises twice a day: morning and evening.

Warm up: you need to sit up straight, straighten your shoulders, relax. The tips of the index, middle and ring fingers should be massaging movements in the cervical vertebrae for three minutes, moving from top to bottom. Such a massage will improve the blood filling of the eyeball and prepare the eyes for exercises.

The first exercise.

Looking forward, blink quickly for thirty seconds.

The second exercise.

My eyes are closed. Make light short-term (one to two seconds) pressing on the eyeballs folded together with three fingers. Exercise is carried out within two minutes.

The third exercise.

Pull out your right hand in front of you and lift your thumb up. Look at the tip of the thumb with two eyes for five seconds. Then close your left eye and focus your eyes on the tip of your finger with your right eye, then change your eyes. Do three or four approach exercises.

The fourth exercise.

Label on the window. Using a felt-tip pen, make a small mark on the window and stand in front of it at arm’s length. Look at the label for five seconds, and then focus your eyes on any point outside the window, which is at least five meters away from the eye. Repeat the exercise ten times.

Fifth exercise.

Close your eyes tightly for thirty seconds, then relax.

Performing gymnastics takes literally five to seven minutes. After the exercises, there is relief in the eyes, and they are ready for further productive work.

Proper food and appropriate eye training through exercise will be an effective prevention and will help keep the vision sharp for years to come.

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