Eye Health Tips to Protect Your Vision

Eye Health Tips to Protect Your Vision

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Reading is also a very serious strain on the eyes and brain of a person. Can we “read” correctly? What is the right habit of seeing?
Several simple rules-habits will help you maintain eye health, high performance and a good mood.

 1. Have a rest every 40-50 minutes of reading and other visual work.
This rule can be called the basic rule of good vision, which applies to all kinds of loads on the eyes. In the process of perception of the text, the brain passes through three stages: adjustment, preparation for assimilation, active, qualitative perception, and then, after 30-40 minutes, there is a decline in attention. There is only an extra burden on the eyes, continuing to conscientiously perform their work for nothing. Rest for 5-10 minutes and with new forces continue reading or your studies. The practice of changing or resting with visual and mental loads is best kept for life.

 2. Periodically change the distance from the eyes to the text.
Long reading or writing at the same distance leads to unnecessary tension, constriction, spasm of the eye muscles. Eyes lose the ability to refocus and, accordingly, the ability to clearly see the images in the distance. Develop a habit of swaying in any direction while reading and moving the book in your hands to the various distances available to your eyes. Do not forget about the need to maintain a straight line between the back of the head and the backbone.

3. After reading each paragraph, look to the side.
This recommendation is like a continuation of the previous rule, which teaches us to change distances. Only here it happens by a simple and frequent look to the side  of the various objects that are in sight. Initially, consciously tearing your eyes from the text, you can then refocus automatically. If the text has very long paragraphs, throw the view into the distance every 4-5 sentences. Choose as objects of attention some pictures, a picture on the curtains, a statuette or a flower, it is better that only beautiful views can be seen in your eyes.

 Have a rest every 40-50 minutes of reading and other visual work

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4. Blink easily and often, first at each point.
Moisturizing and protecting the eyes, blinking allows us to get a tiny but breathing space. From each point for a couple of hours of reading, there is already a decent rest for the eyes, and this does not affect the quality of perception and reading speed. But the eyes are just much less tired and much more will serve you.

These little tricks will help you and your child not to overwork while reading or preparing lessons, and most importantly they will help to keep eyesight for many years.

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