Strengthen Your Eyes With Ocular Gymnastics!

Strengthen Your Eyes With Ocular Gymnastics!Since gadgets have become an integral part of our lives, ophthalmologists have noted an alarming trend: now quite often noted acquired short-sightedness, usually those who from morning to night spend at the computer monitor.

Acquired by myopia suffer primarily IT people, accountants and financiers, whose work is inextricably linked with hours of work with gadgets. Why is this happening and how to protect your eyesight?

When a person spends a lot of time at the computer, his eyes are in constant tension. The muscles that are responsible for changing the curvature of the lens and for seeing at a close distance are normally much higher than those that straighten the lens and allow seeing distant objects. But if a person does not do the proper breaks in work and does not relax the eye muscles responsible for “close vision”, then in time to relax them becomes incredibly difficult, if not impossible. This is the acquired near-sightedness.

In order not to spoil your eyesight, a person is obliged to take breaks in work, not to sit near the monitor for days on end, and even for days and must perform special gymnastics for the eyes. It will help, if it is a question of the initial stage of the disease, and if the disease is started, then the doctor together with the patient can only achieve that myopia does not progress. Therefore, it is better not to start the disease, and if you have to work long hours with a computer, you need to find time for charging for the eyes.

These exercises are necessary to relax the muscles of the eyes, relieve visual fatigue and prevent the onset of myopia, and also to prevent its progression. This charge can be performed both at work and at home.

Try to blink your eyes very often for one or two minutes. Do not strain your eyelids.

Close the eyelids tightly for 3-5 seconds, and then open for the same time. Try to repeat at least seven times.

Drive your eyes in different directions: you can draw circles, eight, conduct a visual line from the bottom up and from top to bottom. This can be done with both open and closed eyes. If the eyes are open, stop looking at the surrounding objects: a table, a vase, a book, and so on.

The three fingers of the right and then the left hand, easily press on the upper eyelid of one, and then the other eye. Hold for 1-2 seconds and remove your fingers from the eyelids. Repeat several times.

Go to the window. Choose any point near you, for example, a speck on the glass, focus on it, and then look at the distant object, for example, the top of the tree of the neighboring yard. So translate your eyes from a close point to a distant one.

For this exercise, the head should be fixed. Raise the half-bent right arm up. Slowly lower your finger from the top down and lift it up again, while watching it with your eyes, without moving your head. Repeat 10 times.

For this exercise, the head should be fixed. With a half-bent hand, slowly drive from right to left and back in front of your eyes, while watching with your finger your finger. Repeat at least 10 times.

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