Green Tea for Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Green Tea for Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Green tea for weight loss at home – a thing irreplaceable. If you ever sat on any diet to lose weight, you know that in addition to general dietary recommendations, during the diet, among the additional recommendations is the use of green tea. This is not accidental, because the benefits of green tea, not only for weight loss, but also improve health and appearance were known many millennia ago in the eastern countries. It is believed that due to the properties of green tea, which in the East is drunk regularly, residents of eastern countries retain their youth and prolong their life. Now we will analyze what green tea to drink and in what quantities, what to lose weight and improve health.

Green tea and its beneficial properties
If you still think that green and black tea are two different plants, then you are insanely mistaken. And for a long time liked black tea, and relatively recently entered into our life green tea is the leaves of the same plant – a tea bush, but there is still a difference, this is the technique of processing the leaves collected on tea plantations. Green tea is obtained by means of minimal fermentation or oxidation, after the beginning of this process, it is blocked by heating to high temperatures.

Among the many types of tea, it is believed that green tea has much more beneficial properties than other varieties, it contains a large number of B vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamins K, R, as well as zinc, fluoride, manganese and copper.

One of the beneficial properties of green tea is an invigorating and stimulating mental and physical working capacity. This is due to the presence of caffeine in the composition of green tea, but in comparison with coffee beans, the effect of green tea is much softer and less dangerous to health, since it is much faster to be excreted from the body.

The substance contained in green tea, called tannin, gives tea its taste and has such useful properties as strengthening the walls of blood vessels, improving digestion, removing some radioactive elements from the body, thereby preventing serious diseases.

Green tea is also a good oxidant, due to the presence of such a substance as catechin in it, it also helps to preserve youth, elasticity and skin color, positively affects the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis. Green tea also contains a large amount of vitamin C and P, which can enhance the immune properties of the body.

And this is not all the useful qualities of such a mysterious green tea, it is no accident that the Chinese have recipes based on green tea with which you can cure at least 400 different diseases.

Green tea for weight loss: how does it work?
Green tea for weight loss is not only an improvement and acceleration of metabolism, there are some other properties that perfectly position green tea as a means of losing weight:

  • Green tea, this is an excellent diuretic, which allows you to get rid of excess fluid in the body. There is even a recipe for green tea with milk for weight loss, it contributes to an even stronger diuretic effect;
  • increased heat transfer. Green tea contains a large number of polyphenols, which contribute to increased heat transfer through the processing of fats. Studies have shown that drunk 3-5 cups of green tea per day, can increase the volume of burned fat by 45%;
  • decrease in blood sugar. This is another useful property of green tea and not only for weight loss, lowering the sugar level you are able to reduce the feeling of hunger, which clearly affects the process of losing weight.

Green tea for weight loss: how to apply?

The most common and certainly the usual way for all of us is to brew the leaves of green tea. Whatever green tea helped to lose weight, you need to drink this tea half an hour before meals, preferably before each meal, so you will improve metabolic processes, which will help to digest food faster and reduce the feeling of hunger before eating, which will contribute to less food eaten. A single dose of green tea – a teaspoon without a slide, brewed in 300 g of water about 2-3 minutes (of course, without sugar). Green tea for weight loss is best to drink chilled, so your body will have to spend an extra number of calories to warm it up. The average number of calories consumed by the body to heat one glass of chilled green tea is equivalent to 50 calories. There are many recipes for green tea, which contain various ingredients that help to strengthen and accelerate the process of losing weight. In the process of losing weight in green tea, you can add lemon, cinnamon, ginger, all these components will help accelerate metabolic processes in the body. It is also recommended to add nonfat milk to green tea, this will enhance the diuretic effect of tea. However, it should be noted that in order for the weight to really stably decrease it is necessary to revise its principles of nutrition and to bring them as close to a healthy balanced menu as green tea will become an assistant to the process of losing weight.

Add green tea to food. It may seem strange, but green tea for weight loss can be used not only as a drink, but also add it to food, this method is quite common in China. To do this, in a coffee grinder, place the leaves of green tea in powder and add to dishes, for example salads or cereals (except liquid dishes), during each meal (not more than 1 teaspoon without a slide), while eating with warm water. This method will also help to keep the metabolic processes at a high level, which will help get rid of excess weight.

Unloading day on green tea. There is an unloading program designed for one day, during which it is necessary to drink tea with milk. Applying this version of a fasting day for rapid weight loss, you should drink at least one and a half liters of tea and milk drink per day. There are several recipes:
Boil 1.5 liters of milk, let cool to about 70 degrees, then pour 3-4 teaspoons of green tea into it. Cover with a towel and let it brew for 15-20 minutes, then strain and drink throughout the day.

Boil the milk and allow to cool slightly. Bring 2 liters of ordinary water to a boil and pour into it 3 tablespoons. green tea. Cover and let the tea steep for 20 minutes, then add the milk to the tea and let it brew for about 10-15 minutes, then strain the drink and drink during the day in small sips.

The simplest recipe, but also effective in the process of losing weight with the help of green tea. Brew green tea (1L.), Let it brew a little and add it to 1L of cold milk.

Any of the recipes should be drunk during the day in small sips in any form (hot, warm or cold), as you like more. For all of the above recipes of green tea for weight loss, you should choose milk with a low percentage of fat (no more than 1.5%). Since the tea drink with milk is a very strong diuretic, and you will lose a large amount of water due to which the water balance in the body will be slightly disturbed, so as to smooth this fact during the day, along with green tea drink at least two liters of non-carbonated water.

Contraindications to the use of a day off on green tea
Caution should be applied to green tea for people who have problems with pressure, for example, with hypertension, you can drink no more than 5 cups of green (not strong) tea per day, otherwise sharp pressure jumps may occur. Also, gout, arthritis and thyrotoxicosis serve as contraindications to a day of unloading using green tea.

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