Think You’re Hungry? It Could Be “Fake” Hunger

Think You're Hungry? It Could Be "Fake" HungerWhat is the most trustworthy and universal means for raising your spirits? Eat something tasty! In fact, in the process of absorbing food there is nothing criminal. Indeed: where will the “fuel” for the organism come from? The problem becomes such when we persistently try to cram into ourselves food at all troubles. Today, let’s talk about the root of evil, and how to wean ourselves to stress.

Situations when and pulls to “throw” in itself an extra piece of food, a lot. But the reasons are not so much. The main one is found in the unsettledness of any life sphere and the negative emotions experienced by us. One seizes the insult, the other – a sense of guilt, the third suffers from loneliness, the fourth burdens his position in society. Add here failures at work, health problems, chronic fatigue, boredom, etc.

On the other hand, no wonder that we are trying to treat ourselves sparingly with food, especially sweet. There is a neurohormone dopamine, known more as a “hormone of joy.” That’s stretching hand for a portion of ice cream, a slice of pizza, a bar of chocolate, chips. Notice, it’s not about broccoli and a plate of porridge. Another thing is that such culinary “delights” do not solve difficulties, and problems with mental and physical health only multiply.

Vicious circle? No, if you realize that the problem lies within, and are willing to spend energy on solving it. Already today you can start to introduce useful habits into life:

• Start to keep a diary
Yes, not simple, but food. Record the time, the quantity and quality of the food you eat, the reasons that prompted you to eat. Often, this practice turns into a real shock therapy, and discourages the desire once again to look into the refrigerator.

• Harmful – fight
Agree, do not want to once again go to the store for delicious, if they are not at home. For this reason, fill the house with extremely useful treats. It is unlikely that you want to drink kefir with glasses, there will be enough and one serving. But the health benefits are obvious.

• Enjoy the process
Throwing spontaneously into yourself food, without feeling its taste, is the worst option. And in general: the feeling of saturation, when the signal reaches the brain, comes in 20 minutes. For these reasons, we eat food at the table slowly, chewing it carefully, enjoying each piece. And please, not in front of the TV or computer.

• Occupy yourself with something
Does the hand automatically stretch beyond the excess piece? “Intercept” this process by an action not associated with eating. For example, call a friend, make a workout, take a walk, write a message to relatives. It is important to understand that a hungry urge is imaginary, and you just need to switch your attention.

• Get enough sleep
The best means of stress, than an eight-hour dream, has not been invented yet. And how else can the body restore its reserves in order to effectively confront life’s troubles? Give yourself the opportunity for a couple of weeks to go to bed early (before 24:00), and feel positive changes.

• Find support
Do not heroic, trying to cope with the bad habit of eating alone. Let the family and friends become your support. Agree, one of the best psychotherapies for women, is a sincere conversation, whether it’s a friend or a relative. Doctors justify the positive effect of a sincere conversation by reducing the level of adrenaline, the culprit of stress.

Putting any edible products into your mouth is the lot of the majority, whose life can not be called absolutely happy. At one point, reality will not turn into a fairy tale. Therefore, we recommend to introduce useful habits gradually. And please do not be absolutely categorical. Rapid abandonment of your favorite products can only increase stress and cravings for food, provoke disruptions. Let your diet be varied. Here are a few more tips for optimizing your lifestyle:

1) take vitamins and minerals. The deficit of some of them gives rise to an irresistible craving for sweets;
2) check the thyroid gland. A malfunction in her work may cause an appetite, which was unusual before;
3) drink more water, it helps to muffle a false sense of hunger. The real desire to eat you will not be confused with anything;
4) keep in mind that true hunger usually comes in 3,5-4 hours after the last meal. What are you experiencing at the moment?;
5) stock up sedative herbal collections. Do not you want to read long instructions and study contraindications? Then limit yourself to mint and chamomile drinks.

Break the vicious circle in the form of craving for food – a time consuming, requiring dedication, analysis and control. But. If the desire to overcome the bad habit is strong, then no obstacles to you are not terrible. However, on the way to the goal, be indulgent towards yourself, because in the process of achieving it, you may lose the landmark. Given this fact, you will certainly cope with the habit of eating stress.

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