9 Reasons You Might Feel Tired All the Time

9 Reasons You Might Feel Tired All the TimeInternal problems and disturbances can provoke diseases that are difficult to treat, and also drain the nervous system, causing a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. Knowledge of what thoughts and actions are detrimental to the body will help to maintain health and achieve inner harmony.

The greatest amount of energy is wasted in those moments when a person looks back at his past, experiences old grievances, is annoyed because of unused chances and opportunities. Therefore, to save vitality, you need to get rid of the habit of constantly discussing with friends the sad stories of your life.

Unfinished business. If you get down to business, but do not bring it to the end, the unconscious process remains in the subconscious. He periodically pops up in his memory and does not give a normal rest and recover. Psychologists are advised to make a list of all pending actions and every day or weekly to close a new item. Thanks to this there will be a feeling of relief and strength to move forward, to new victories.

False. And we mean both lies to other people, and internal self-deception. When untruth is spoken, much energy is spent to maintain imaginary images, to strive to keep in mind who and what was said. In this case, the liar is haunted by fear of exposure and fear of disappointing others. Self-deception makes you constantly postpone the solution of real problems, but instead, hypocrite and seek excuses.

Excessive loads. Before you take on a new duty or engage in a large project, it is worth considering whether this burden is too heavy. The situation can be complicated by the lack of reliable assistants and like-minded people. Spending a lot of time at work, a person begins to feel guilty before the family that little time is spent on households. In addition, there is a lack of rest, contact with friends, walks in the fresh air.

Insults and understatement. All people have different levels of emotional perception. And the fact that one seems to be nonsense, for others is of great importance. Therefore, it is very important not to accumulate grievances, but to express and discuss all the controversial points. This improves communication, facilitates mutual understanding and removes the stone from the heart, which is considered a colossal energy devourer. In addition, in this way it is much easier to find a solution to the problem that satisfies both sides.

Unpleasant communication. In the environment of each person there are people who are always dissatisfied with their lives. Their bad mood and constant resentment negatively affect everyone with whom they talk. Try not to delve into their situation and reduce communication with them, as far as possible. Psychologists advise spending more time with successful, active optimists. They will inspire their own example to new victories, give a cheerful mood and faith in themselves.

Prolonged stress. Stress itself does not pose a threat to health, it is sometimes even useful to mobilize all forces to confront a particular danger. Another thing is a long, prolonged mental overstrain. It leads to chronic fatigue, general ailments, impaired appetite and sleep. The adaptive resources of the body are not immeasurable, and with their complete exhaustion, a person ages prematurely and his illnesses are more difficult to treat.

Superfluous conversations. This also applies to internal dialogues, especially if they are negative. While talking with other people, talk only about business and keep silent when there is nothing to say. Even a few phrases, charged with your energy, sound interesting, better remembered and evoke sympathy. On the contrary, empty speech, devoid of color and feelings, will not be able to make a good impression, but only take away your strength and tire your interlocutor.

Sexual excesses. Sex with casual partners is undesirable for many reasons. In addition to the danger of becoming a victim of a fraudster or getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases, he takes a large amount of vitality. The fact is that during such a connection, partners do not exchange energy, but simply throw it into nowhere after détente. That’s why many feel the feeling of devastation and exploitation after a night with the unloved.

Perfectionism. Excessive demands on yourself and others around you encourage you to spend a lot of time and energy on small secondary details, and excessively high standards reduce the sense of satisfaction from the result of the action. Perfectionists tend to focus on mistakes and doubt the quality of their work. In addition, they painfully perceive any remark, since they are very susceptible to criticism. The habit of bringing everything to perfection contributes to a powerful loss of internal strength.

By eliminating these unpleasant factors, you can save a significant amount of energy. Thanks to this, new opportunities will appear, as well as forces for their implementation. Life will become more qualitative, bright and productive.

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