Alternative Ways to Treat a Cold

Alternative Ways to Treat a Cold Season of illness in full. Although each of us has our proven ways to get rid of the infection, it is worth familiarizing yourself with less known methods for bacteria and viruses.

Take a cold to the tropics! The hot, humid climate acts like a miracle cure for flu-like illness. Warm air stimulates the immune system to fight infection. If you do not have the time or funds for a trip, treat yourself to a steam room or a sauna – it works similarly.

Drink lemon balm. Although the properties of improving mood, relaxing muscles and relieving pain are all well-known, few people know that lemon balm also has an antiviral effect that can help fight colds.

Drink lemon balm

Go to sleep in wet socks. Although it sounds ridiculous, specialists in natural medicine recommend this method to cleanse the sinuses, throat and chest. Contrary to appearances, this treatment has a warming effect. During colds, blood accumulates in the place of the largest congestion – the area around the head and chest. Cold, wet socks cause the vessels to cramp, which causes blood to flow towards the lower parts of the body. The heat resulting from the inflow of blood to the feet, dries the socks and heats. But beware, first soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes.

Make yourself wraps with onions. Placing it on the chest is a natural method of reducing respiratory failure and fighting infection. During cutting, onion gives off antiviral oil (the same that causes eye watering), which acts as a natural vasodilator. Such a wrap also works warming up.

Sex! Having sex once or twice a week can strengthen immunity and help fight colds and flu. Seriously! This was confirmed by studies that showed that sexually active people are less likely to catch infections.

And one more thing – remember that a cheerful mood favors the healing process, and stress reduces immunity.
We wish health!

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