How to Burn Calories in the Pool

How to Burn Calories in the PoolSystematic classes in the pool will allow you to achieve visible results in a short time. Following simple tips and recommendations, you can quickly change your body for the better and get a steady result.
Experts note that losing weight by swimming is real, but it is important to know how to properly engage in the pool, mastering styles and different techniques. Exercise in water is extremely useful for the body. While practicing in the pool, you remove the tension and pressure from the spine, and the resistance of water, makes the muscles work more actively and burn calories more intensely.

Swimming affects not only the physical form, but also helps to improve the cardiovascular system, stimulates the functionality of the lungs, is beneficial to the joints, strengthens the immune forces of the body.

It is important to note that calm floating swimming will not help you lose weight. Need to learn more intense styles.

How to swim in the pool to lose weight

Breaststroke – 520 k cal per hour of training is burned. The swimmer must move his hands and feet along the surface of the water, lying on the abdomen. Floating in this style, you can pump the calf muscles, buttocks and quadriceps.

Butterfly stroke – a maximum of 570 k cal per hour. Complex technique requiring good physical training. The load is on the chest, shoulder muscles, back, press and quadriceps.

Front crawl – 600 k cal in 60 minutes. During the voyage, thighs, eggs, four, and two-headed muscles are involved in the work.

On the back – 560 k cal.
The muscles of the chest and two-leg muscles of the hip are actively working. Side by side spin, delta and caviar are used.

The result of systematic training can be noticed for a month of training. To make calories better burned, you need to swim so that the heart rate is 120-140 beats per minute. An important factor in success is the water temperature. It is best if it is above 24 degrees Celsius. In cool water, the body will activate a protective reaction and will work to preserve the fat layer to save heat.

How to burn more calories at the pool

Do not think that if you can not swim, then the way to the pool is closed. You can learn everything, the main thing is to have a desire and a clear goal. To learn a small pool is suitable, it is important at any moment to have the opportunity to feel under the feet bottom. Start with swimming with a board.
Once you have mastered the swimming technique, you will always have to wonder how much time should be spent in the weight loss swimming pool? The optimal rate is 40-60 minutes. To attend training should be 2-4 times a week. It is best to swim in the evening.

The first lesson should last 30 minutes, gradually increase the duration of training for 5 minutes until you reach the hour; so as not to overflow shoulders, do not abuse the styles that dept deltoid muscles (butterfly and king).

You need to go swimming on an empty stomach. Turn active swimming and rest, breaks should be small, it is desirable to recover no more than a minute, swim for 15-20 minutes without a break, then rest. The norm is considered if, after intensive training, you feel tired and shaken in the muscles. This means that the training was successful, and the muscles received a sufficient amount of load.

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