Preventing visual impairment

Preventing visual impairmentIn the modern world, many people for one reason or another suffer from various visual impairments. Work, in which a person has to watch many hours in a row in a computer monitor, increases the risk of developing a number of eye diseases. And first of all – dry eye syndrome. It is also called eye office syndrome, because the main risk group for this disease is office workers.

With dry eye syndrome, there is a lack of moisture on the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva due to impaired tear production and instability of the tear film. The main signs of dry eye syndrome are sensation in the eyes of a foreign body, burning and carvings, photophobia, rapid fatigue and lacrimation. Man is uncomfortable to be in rooms with dry and dusty air. If you do not take measures to eliminate the dry eye syndrome, then the development of severe consequences and serious deterioration of vision. Therefore it is useful to know about the main methods of preventing this pathology.

First, in the work behind the monitor you need to do regular small breaks. Experts recommend to break away from the screen every hour for 3-5 minutes. At this time, you can do gymnastics for the eyes, or just sit with your eyes closed. It is useful to close your eyes tightly for 5-10 seconds and then open your eyes sharply – this exercise can be repeated up to 10 times. Effective is the exercise to translate the view from afar. To do this, you need to select a point directly near the eyes, fix the view on it, and then move the eyes into the distance (for example, to distant buildings outside the window). Repeat this exercise also need up to 10 times.

Dry eye syndrome develops also because when working at a computer, a person blinks much less often than it should. Humidification of the eye surface is impaired. Therefore, you need not forget to regularly “blink”. Such an exercise contributes to the improvement of the ocular circulation.

The increased dryness of the cornea makes the eyes particularly vulnerable to infections. Do not touch the surface of the eye with unwashed hands or a stale handkerchief, it is better to use disposable napkins.

Do not abuse vasoconstrictive drops that reduce the redness of the eyes. Their regular application can lead to serious consequences and visual impairment. However, it is useful to keep at hand drops – preparations of artificial tears. They help to stabilize the balance of tear fluid on the surface of the eyes.

If you spend a long time at the computer and wear contact lens, you should pay special attention to their cleanliness and planned replacement. Some experts recommend using only one-day contact lenses. In any case, with the suspicion of developing dry eye syndrome, the time of wearing the lenses should be reduced, and with the slightest inflammation – abandon the contact correction methods for at least five days.

To prevent visual impairment, it is useful to take special multivitamin and mineral complexes for the eyes. And, of course, do not neglect the planned visit to the ophthalmologist – at least once a year. And with unpleasant sensations in the eyes, you should immediately contact a specialist. Take care of your eyes!

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