Does Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?

Does Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?Green tea is a drink with a centuries-old tradition, prepared with minimal processed Chinese tea leaves. Harvested leaves are processed at the latest one hour after breaking, so that they are not fermented, which allows to preserve the most valuable micro nutrients.

Green tea has many beneficial properties, which has ensured it a popular measure for slimming. Individual species of green tea differ from each other due to the taste, smell and content of caffeine, which depend on the origin and the moment at which their leaves were harvested.

The beneficial effect of green tea on slimming is not a myth at all. The catechin contained in it inhibit the absorption of fats and increase their consumption by the body, and also have a positive effect on the digestive process and improve the metabolism of the body. When slimming, it is best to drink a cup of green tea for the night, smelling it for about 4 minutes, so that it will work calming. Green tea brewed shorter has a stimulant effect, and prolongation of brewing above 4 minutes may lead to a bitter taste.

Brewing green tea requires a bit more attention than other species. This tea can not be boiled with boiling water, the water should have a temperature of 158 to 176 °F. If we do not have a special thermometer, we can get the right temperature, pouring boiling water into the cup – this way the water will lose about 10 deg. C, and when the dish will warm up to the next cup, thanks to which the water temperature should reach 158 to 176 °F. Tea in the amount of about one teaspoon of dried water for one cup of water should be brewed under cover for 2 to 4 minutes. Shorter steamed green tea is sweeter and has a higher content of caffeine.

Green tea stimulates the mind, regulates the work of the intestines, supports the circulatory system, has analgesic and relaxing effects, but also has some disadvantages. It can lead to anemia or osteoporosis due to decreased absorption of iron and calcium leaching from the body. The ingredients contained in the green tea may also be harmful to the child, therefore it should not be consumed in large quantities by pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

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