The Secret for Healthy, Beautiful Eyes

The Secret for Healthy, Beautiful EyesThe eyes are a mirror of the soul, but also a reflection of the habits, peculiarities of skin care of the eyelids and of all health in general. The beauty of the eyes depends on many factors and nutrition plays a significant role in this matter, as well as applied cosmetics, caring procedures and much more. How to keep her and eye health for many years?

Look at both: nutrition for eye health

The modern pace of life leaves its mark on human habits and behavior: our physical activity has significantly decreased, nutrition has been enriched with high-calorie and not always useful additives, and our eyes have begun to undergo tremendous stress due to the appearance of a huge variety of various gadgets and electronic devices. How to help yourself and postpone the moment of acquaintance with glasses? First of all, lead a healthy lifestyle, if possible go in for sports, and, without fail, switch to a proper diet, increasing the proportion of foods in the diet that are beneficial for the eyes.

These are primarily those of them that are rich in vitamin A. Present in the cells of the retina, it is responsible for proper light perception and the ability for night vision. Vitamin A can be obtained from both products of animal and vegetable origin. The first includes fatty fish, fish oil, liver, dairy products, and the second all orange fruits are carrots, pumpkins, sea buckthorn, sweet peppers, apricots, and others. Products rich in ascorbic acid, including citrus fruits, cherries, kiwi, and sweet peppers , raspberry, wild rose enhance the antioxidant effect of vitamin A, acting as a prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration, improving the general health of the eyes.

The beauty of the eyes – in a healthy dream

Not only health in general, but also beauty, including the eyes, depends on a quality and long-lasting sleep. Sleepy people are given tired, red eyes, so it is important to fully rest at night when the body is restored, and it is better to do it every day at the same time. Any sleep disorders trigger aging processes at the cellular level, as a result, the skin becomes a pale, earthy hue, and dark circles appear under the eyes. The increased level of stress hormone in the body – cortisol only worsens this process, although a lack of sleep in itself is a great stress for the body.

But if you know about the need for good sleep and follow this rule, it would be nice to observe something else – sleep on your side or back, but not on your stomach, with your face buried in a pillow, as this contributes to the formation of wrinkles and wrinkles on your face, including and around the eyes. Get a comfortable pillow and enjoy a good rest.

Down with bad habits

All those who wish to have beautiful and healthy eyes need to end bad habits once and for all. Both smoking and alcohol cause great damage to blood vessels and blood supply to organs and tissues, including the eye. The skin also experiences the negative effects of tobacco and alcohol, because its turgor and color are directly dependent on nutrition and oxygen enrichment. Well, another negative consequence of abuse – intoxication, which activates the aging process. In this case, the woman will not help even the highest quality and costly care, if the body has already started the processes of self-destruction.

Caring for the skin around the eyes

Gentle, thin, vulnerable – it’s all about the skin around the eyes, which needs special care and attention. There are no sebaceous glands and the first mimic wrinkles appear, therefore, none of the stages of care can not be ignored, and after stepping over the 35-year mark, special attention should be paid to this zone when carrying out the prevention of aging. For cleansing is better to use special tools for eyelids, especially if you use waterproof cosmetics. In no case can not rub the eyes with soap and generally have some kind of force on the skin. All movements should be light, smooth, bring only pleasure.

Proper moisturizing and nourishing will help maintain the beauty and attractiveness. Suffering from dark circles under the eyes, you can opt for the means with a brightening effect, which will include ascorbic acid, licorice extract, niacinamide, etc. Cosmetics with retinol, natural oils, and hyaluronic acid will save from the crow’s feet. With swelling and swelling grape extract, caffeine, cooling components will fight. Do not ignore the good old time-tested ways to return the eyes shine and shine in the form of pieces of cucumber or cotton pads soaked in green tea infusion.

The role of gymnastics for the eyes

Well, the last farewell for those who want to preserve and maintain the beauty and health of the eyes – do a special gymnastics. This is an excellent restorative and supportive therapy that relieves fatigue, relaxes the eye muscles, and in the long run acts as a prophylaxis for myopia and farsightedness. Such gymnastics does not take much time, and the exercises include fairly simple and not burdensome, such as frequent blinking, squeezing your eyes tightly and relaxing for 1 to 2 seconds with closed eyelids, etc. All these measures will help you maintain a radiant and clear look, radiating only goodwill and health.

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